[Free Downloads] Tell the Nativity Story in Mandarin

Let’s admit it.  Mandarin is hard!  It’s hard to speak, it’s even harder to get my kids to speak Mandarin.  But it’s a must.  It’s an uphill task but it must be done and everyday that I don’t speak to them in Mandarin, it’s one day’s opportunity lost for them to get more exposure to it.  So my goal for the last 2 months was to speak to them solely in Mandarin.  It took me 2 weeks of doing so for Kyra to eke out a “我不知道!”  ROAR…  Zach is a little better and more responsive to Chinese.  Sometimes he even speaks it spontaneous!  “Ah Gong, can you lend me your ipad 吗?”  *Cries*  Let’s soldier on…

I realized it was so hard to find resources to do theme studies in Mandarin.  In December’s theme of Christmas, I thought I might try to tell the story of the birth of Jesus in Mandarin, since they are already familiar with it being told in English.  However tough to retell the story in Mandarin, I hope to get the main point across – that Jesus, the King of Heaven, came to earth in a humble manner to die for our sins.  While there was no room for him when He was born, will you give Him a place to stay in your heart?

Last year, Kyra wanted to have a Christmas party to invite her friends. It all began when a new girl in the school gave out birthday invitation cards and she didn’t get an invite. She was very very upset (to no fault of the girl who was still new and didn’t want to invite all 30 kids in the class, most of whom she still didn’t know well).  Kyra came back and cried and said she wanted to give out invitation cards too.  SK and I gave it a thought and decided to have a Christmas party instead.  The condition for having the party was that she’ll share the story about Jesus.  I remember it was a crazy December as I was rushing about getting my orders done up, and preparing for the party amidst the whole school holiday frenzy.  I couldn’t find a suitable script online too so I had to write my own.  Although I remember it being absolute nuts, it was a worthwhile effort on hindsight.  About 16 of her friends came and she was so thrilled!  She presented the story, not sure if she could be heard cuz she was so shy and soft but she did finished the presentation with the puppets.

Kyra, these words come a year late, but know that I am always very proud of you for trying, for being fearful but still trying, for always breaking through your own perceived barriers (though there were some tears involved). Our prayer for you is that you’ll always have a testimony on your lips, that your life will speak of the love of Jesus, and that you will cling to the verse, “I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me.”

Here is the nativity story script again in English. Let me know if you want it translated.

Here are some of the key words and I had that translated through Google.  Let me know if anything isn’t too accurate!

Here are the pictures I’m using the tell the story.  They have super cute pictures that you can stick on ice-cream sticks and even a song that the kids can sing.  The pictures are all labelled and kids can practise reading them too!  I intend to use velcro dots so that the kids can match the Chinese words to the English words and pictures.

http://www.biblefunforkids.com/2012/11/baby-jesus-song-more-for-preschool.html  bible-fun-for-kids

Hope this is somewhat useful.  Have fun!


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